Organized camping is a creative, educational experience in cooperative group living in the outdoors. It uses the natural surroundings to contribute significantly to physical, mental, spiritual and social growth. Cub Scouting offers camping opportunities through day camps, resident camps, Webelos den overnight campouts, council-organized family camps, and Pack-organized overnight campouts.

We have listed a number of rules that must govern our behavior during family campouts. Many of these rules are BSA rules which must be adhered to in order to receive BSA insurance coverage for all. We ask that you review these rules and use them to govern the behavior of your family on all family campouts with our Pack. It is essential that we follow these rules in additional to the visiting facility’s rules. We want everyone to have fun and be able to participate in all camp activities.

Pack 39 Camping Guidelines

Camping Gear - What to Bring Camping

BSA's Guide to Safe Scouting