Currently, our annual pack dues are $140. A deposit of $50 must be paid upon registration of your scout.

Parents are also responsible for purchasing the scout's uniform. This can cost anywhere from $60-$100. Visit for details.

There are additional fees associated with scouting including camping, over nighters, and special events. Parents will be informed of the costs of these activities as they arise.

If your scout actively participates in fundraising efforts, you may only have to pay the initial registration cost of $50 and for the uniform out of your pocket.   


Excerpt from Pack 39 New Caney By-Laws

Section 6. Financial Obligations

  1. A single registration fee will be determined at the beginning of each Scout year and is in part based on the operating budget for the Pack. This year's budget and registration fee is summarized on Exhibit A. The balance of the budget for the year is generated through periodic fund-raisers.

  2. It is the goal of the Pack Committee to hold as few fund-raisers as possible, however it is important that each family supports our fund-raising efforts when they are held. Families are expected to participate in the primary fund-raisers as designated by the Pack Committee. In a typical year there is one such fund-raiser, which is a Bake Sale. Additional fund-raisers may be called for depending on the state of the Pack treasury.

  3. A portion of the registration fee is allocated to cover the Den Activity Fee and is available upon request from the Treasurer. It is the Den Leader's responsibility to manage the fund and maintain a record of how it is spent and should be available to any Den Parent or the Pack Committee upon request. The Den Activity fee will be allocated when the Pack Registration fee has been paid in full.

  4. The cost of the Cub Scout uniform is the responsibility of the family. The Pack has established a Uniform Standard, as detailed in Section 11, which all Cub Scouts are expected to meet.

  5. The cost of additional activities such as overnighters and camping will be the responsibility of the parent.


Pack Financial Obligations and Fees

 A single registration fee will be determined at the beginning of each Scout year to go towards the following operating costs:


National Registration fees

Boy’s Life Magazine

Den Activity fee


Registration of Adult Leaders

Pack Activities (Includes Camping)

Pack Insignia & Rank Book

Pack T-shirt



$ 25.00 (Includes insurance)

$ 1.00


$ 30.00 (Rank and Special Events)

$ 4.00

$ 30.00

$ 25.00

$ 10.00



This year's Pack registration fee is $140.00 per Cub Scout.

An initial payment of $50 is due to the Pack Treasurer on the last scout meeting in September. Because of fund raising fluctuations at the beginning of the year, the initial $50 CANNOT BE DEDUCTED FROM THE SCOUT’S ACCOUNT. It must be paid by cash or check by the scout. The remaining $90 fees are due to the Pack Treasurer by the November Pack meeting. The remaining $90 and any additional fees can be deducted from the scout’s account as funds are available.

If this fee presents a financial hardship for any Cub Scout family, consideration will be given to those situations at the October Committee meeting. Each Den Leader will be prepared to address those concerns with the committee.

The Pack has an annual budget of approximately $6400.00 for a Pack of 40 Scouts or approximately $160.00 per Scout. The difference between the Pack registration fee of $140 and the cost per Scout ($160.25) is made up through our fundraising efforts. See Section 6 of By-laws for details.